Volunteering During COVID-19 Closures

For students who still have hours to complete, we are relaxing Silver Cord guidelines until further notice. You can now volunteer in your own home, volunteer for your family or someone else in need that is not an official non-profit organization, and/or have a parent serve as the supervisor for a volunteer activity.

See below for a list of ideas for volunteer activities you can complete at home. They will also be listed in the Silver Cord Online drop-down list. These activities are pre-approved and do not have to submitted for individual pre-approval.

You can also come up with ideas of your own and submit for credit using the pre-approval titled: “2020 WDMCS Silver Cord – Volunteering at Home,” which can be found on the Silver Cord Online drop-down list when you submit for credit.

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Stilwell – Band Solo Festival

January 1-March 9 3:15pm - 7:10pm Stilwell Junior High
We need a few volunteers to help with our Stilwell Band Solo Contest this year. The contest will start at 3:15 and will be done by 7:10. We need approximately 4 - 8 people to serve as center monitors. Your job will be to sit at the entrance to a performance center, cross off names of students who have already performed, and make sure that only one student enters the room between performances.
Stilwell Junior High
1601 Vine Street, West Des Moines, IA 50265
Jon Lewis
(515) 633-6087

How to sign up: Please contact Jon Lewis at lewisj@wdmcs.org to sign up. I will need to know if you can work the entire shift or if you can work part of the time.

Shift Times: Full shift will be 3:15 to 7:10. There will be partial shifts available for centers that run from 4:15 or 4:30 to 7:00 also. In addition, you could work a half shift. (3:15 - 5:30 or 5:30 to 7:10) Let me know what you can do.

Additional Information Wearing masks is required. We will be limiting the amount of students in the building at a time.

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VHS – Create Cards for Patients and Doctors – Veda Amalkar

December 9-April 30 At Home
Create cards for patients/doctors in our community! (Ex. thank you cards for doctors, words of encouragement for patients). They can be decorated in any way you like and is appropriate. Please avoid anything religious/political. Once you create the card, take pictures of the inside and outside and email to va38413@wdmcs.org. One hour of credit will be awarded per card. Physical cards will be collected at a later date (upon return to school).
At Home
Veda Amalkar
(515) 478-3104