Updates to the WDMCS Silver Cord program during closures for COVID-19

We are experiencing a challenging time, and we do not want Silver Cord requirements to add to your stress. For this reason, we are making temporary changes to Silver Cord guidelines to give you opportunities to serve your families and community while staying safe and healthy.

Volunteering During School Closure

We are relaxing Silver Cord guidelines until further notice. You can now:

  • Volunteer in your own home
  • Volunteer for your family or someone else in need that is not an official non-profit organization
  • Have a parent serve as the supervisor for a volunteer activity, if necessary

Visit the WDMCS District Volunteer Opportunities page for a list of ideas for volunteer activities you can complete at home. They will also be listed in the Silver Cord Online drop-down list. These activities are pre-approved and will earn you Silver Cord credit. You do not have to submit an individual pre-approval form for these items.

Get creative! Come up with ideas of your own and submit for credit using the pre-approval titled: “2020 WDMCS Silver Cord – Volunteering at Home,” which can be found on the Silver Cord Online drop-down list when you submit for credit.


WDMCS District Volunteer Opportunities

Metro Area Volunteer Opportunities

Ongoing Opportunities


Questions about the Silver Cord program?
Take a few minutes to review the Silver Cord Student Manual