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AHeinz Pet Rescue – rolling newspapers for rescued pets – papers provided!

January 1-June 30 At Home
This is perhaps one of the easiest volunteer jobs ever! Rolls of potty-training newspapers are needed for puppies in foster care. A volunteer from AHeinz57 will drop off a stack of newspapers and rubber bands for you, and pick them up when you are done. All you do is roll the papers up! There is a short video available to teach you exactly what to do.
At Home
Teri Nizzi-Helt
(515) 971-1919

How to sign up: Contact Teri Nizzi at or 971-1919.

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2020 WDMCS Silver Cord – Volunteering at Home

March 24-July 31 At Student's Home
Until local non profits are ready to recruit volunteers, WDMCS Community Education is allowing students to serve their families and the community through the Silver Cord program. Students can now volunteer in their own home for their family or someone else in need.Current ideas include making pet blankets for the ARL or for the Children's Cancer Connection, make homeless kits, write letters to health care professionals, write letters to seniors in retirement communities, paint Kindness Rock and put them outside for others to find, make a YouTube video reading a children's book, start a family game night, take your dog on a walk, write a letter to your grandparents or an elderly neighbor, do yard work for a neighbor in need. In the days to come we will be updating our pre-approved page with ideas and mare ways to serve.
At Student's Home
West Des Moines, IA 50265
Rosemary Brandt
(515) 633-5012

How to sign up: When submitting hours please look for the activity called "2020 WDMCS Silver Cord - Volunteering at Home" Your supervisor will be your parent or another adult. You will need to type in their contact information so they can approve the hours for you. PHOTOS uploaded to Silver Cord Online ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! Take a picture of your project, take a selfie while you are doing your activity. It's a great time to be of service!!

Volunteer Age Requirement 2019 - 2020 9th through 12th graders

Additional Information Service opportunities will be on the pre approved activities page and the drop down in Silver Cord Online. We will do our best to keep this lists updated. Thank you!!

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Edgewater Retirement Community – Student/Senior Citizen Pen Pals

April 17-October 1 Via email or mailing letters and
The residents of Edgewater would love to receive letters and write letters back. Make someone’s day by sending a letter telling about yourself and starting a new connection. You can write a letter and mail it or email it. Include your email address and your physical address so that residents can write you back in the method that they prefer.
Via email or mailing letters and
9225 Cascade Avenue, West Des Moines, IA 50266
Nicki Novak
(515) 978-2702

How to sign up: Mail a letter to: Edgewater Activities Dept Attn: Nicki Novak 9225 Cascade Avenue West Des Moines, IA. 50266 Or you can email it to Nicki at