The WDMCS Community Education Advisory Council (CEAC) is a volunteer group of citizens who identify community needs and find ways to meet those needs. CEAC members include representatives from school neighborhoods and community organizations in the West Des Moines Community School District. The CEAC meets monthly during the school year.

Responsibilities of CEAC members:

  • Attend an orientation meeting (new members).
  • Attend a minimum of six CEAC meetings (September-May).
  • One year renewable term
  • Serve on a project committee and work cooperatively to achieve goals.
  • Serve as an advocate for WDMCS Community Education.
  • Share emerging community needs, ideas, and concerns that impact the quality of life in the community.
  • Maintain two-way sharing of information between the CEAC and represented group, as appropriate.
  • Review the budget and ensure fiscal responsibility.

Advisory Council

Work Cycle

The WDMCS Community Education Advisory Council (CEAC) operates on a five-year work cycle, beginning with a comprehensive community needs assessment. The CEAC analyzes the results of the needs assessment and develops project committees to address the prioritized needs. Projects will be completed in the next few years or transferred to Community Education staff or another appropriate organization for ongoing implementation. The CEAC will then re-assess community needs and start the process again.

CEAC Five Year Work Cycle

Joining the CEAC

We enthusiastic invite interested community members to join the CEAC. Contact Shahna Janssen at to learn more.