ExitWest coverThe new WDMCS Community Education book club, led by Intercultural Outreach Coordinator Jeanna Bauer, met for the first time on Tuesday, June 20. The club discussed “Little Daughter,” the memoir of Zoya Phan, a political activist from Burma of Karen descent. The discussion was followed by a discussion and Q&A with Mone Aye, co-founder and board president of EMBARC (Ethnic Minorities of Burma Advocacy and Resource Center).

For this month’s Rec’s and Reviews post, WDMCS Community Education is inviting you to join us for our next book club discussion. We will be discussing “Exit West” by Mohsin Hamid. The fictional novel follows a young couple, Nadia and Saaed, as they flee violence in their homeland, passing through a magical door that drops them into a completely new and different life.

“It’s a breathtaking novel by one of the world’s most fascinating young writers, and it arrives at an urgent time,” NPR’s review of “Exit West” said. “Hamid encourages to us to put ourselves in the shoes of others, even when they’ve lived lives much harder than anything we’ve endured.”

Join us from 5:30-7:30 on Thursday, Sept. 14, for a book discussion and presentation centered around “Exit West.” Watch the West Des Moines Community Education Facebook page and ”Exit West” book club Facebook event for reminders and updates.

Have questions or want more information? Contact Intercultural Outreach Coordinator Jeanna Bauer at 515-633-5116 or bauerj@wdmcs.org.