ced_blog_AmySchaferLicensed since 2001, Amy Schafer is the vice president of sales for the Betsy Sarcone real estate team and a WDMCS Community Education LEARNwest instructor. She has an extensive history in not only selling homes but also exceeding expectations and providing stellar customer service. Amy joined the Sarcone team in 2015 to further her passion for helping buyers find their dream home. Amy is a native of southeast Iowa and holds a degree in interior design from Iowa State University.


Amy Schafer’s Five Home Buying Tips and Secrets

  1. Get pre-approved! Having your financing in order will save time, make you look like a rockstar buyer, and make the home buying process much more enjoyable.
  1. Set your criteria. Create a needs and wants list so you have direction on what you would like to purchase. The list can change, but it helps to start with a vision.
  1. Hire a professional realtor. An agent becomes the gatekeeper of your strategy, motivation, and finances. Pick one to guide you through the process.
  1. Don’t rely on the Internet. The assessor’s website and sites like Zillow and Trulia (just to name a few) can be filled with inaccurate information. Rely on your realtor to verify information and availability.
  1. Write an offer! When you find a house you like that also fits your needs, write an offer. Homes are selling fast and can be gone in moments. If you do choose to wait, make sure you are comfortable with possibly missing out on that home. The homes at the best price and in the best condition sell fast in any market.

Happy home hunting! To learn more of Amy Schafer’s home buying tips, register for her LEARNwest class, Top Home Buying Tips and Secrets.

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