ced_blog_tips-jan2016The January instructor tips come from LEARNwest instructor Diane Browne, who will be teaching the “Rescue, Restore, and Redecorate Your Furnishings” class. Browne grew up in a family of antique lovers, auctioneers, appraisers, and furniture restorers. She now works in the paint department at Johnston Ace Hardware and enjoys helping people pick out colors to enhance their homes and teaching chalk painting and furniture restoring classes. She is always on the lookout for a garage sale or curbside find just waiting
to be repurposed!

Six Repurposing Tips for the D.I.Y. Enthusiast

  1. Use your imagination! If you have a piece of furniture that is outdated, scratched, or does not fit in, try to visualize what it could become or what you could use it for in another area of your home.
  2. Go to consignment or antique stores for inspiration. They are a great place to find repurposing ideas. Then use those ideas to create new pieces out of your own furniture.
  3. Always look for curbside items. Keep an eye out when you are driving down the street — you might see something unique you can repurpose for your home.
  4. Go to garage/estate sales with an open mind. Something that you never would have pictured in your home might just jump out at you as perfect for repurposing.
  5. Always make sure that the pieces you want to work with have good “bones.”  As long as the basic structure of the piece is sturdy, the sky is the limit as to what it can become.
  6. Think of all the possibilities, not just the first one. An old headboard does not have to be repurposed as a headboard; it can be turned into a unique bench.

Once you start the process of repurposing things, you will never see “junk” again! Every piece is full of possibilities. Check out Diane Browne’s upcoming class to start seeing those possibilities for yourself.

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