In honor of the Chicago Cubs’ appearance at the National League Wild Card game tonight, we decided to take a look back at their history for the CE Today post.


The 1882 Chicago White Stockings team photo. (Photo source:

Back in 1882, when they were known as the Chicago White Stockings, the now-Cubs earned their first postseason win on Oct. 7, playing against the Cincinnati Red Stockings (now the Reds). The two teams were competing in a predecessor to the World Series.

Major League Baseball lists 1903 as the first year of the World Series, but before the championships of today, there was the Championship of the United States, also known as the World’s Championship Series. The top teams from the Major League Baseball leagues would play each other in the series, just like today, but in 1882, the two leagues were the National League and the American Association.


The “Back to the Future” paper that seems to predict the Cubs winning the 2015 World Series.

The Chicago White Stockings were down one game after the Red Stockings’ Oct. 6 win, but they managed to even the series with their 2-0 victory on Oct. 7.

The Cubs have not won the Series since 1908, but this is their year, according to one source: Marty McFly and the “Back to the Future” movies. Cubs fans are certainly hoping history repeats itself.