chemistry_setWDMCS Community Education’s Summer of Learning is offering Science Exploration for students entering grades 1–7 at Jordan Creek Elementary School. The students will explore many different areas of science in a fun and exciting environment. The program will be held July 20–24 and is offered in the mornings, afternoons, or full days.

Students entering grades 1–3 have the opportunity to have “Deep Sea Adventures” or explore “Electricity, Energy, and Power” during the morning sessions. Students will be able to explore the ocean and its incredible creatures or become an energy explorer, using scientific and creative skills. The afternoon offers opportunities to go on “Dinosaur Digs” or study “Weather Wonders.” Students will learn to think like paleontologists or find out about different weather patterns and forecasting.

Students in grades four through seven can spend the morning “Exploring Rocketry” or learning about “Crime Scene Investigations.” They can learn real-life forensic skills like fingerprinting and chromatography or soar into the sky with water-propelled rockets. The afternoon holds more fun and excitement with “Ecosystem Interactions” and “Exciting Experiments,” where students will carry out several exciting experiments that will teach them about the scientific process.

Registration is still open and can be found here. Call 515-633-5001 or click here  for more information.