facility-use-header_for-ce-blogThe Facility Use team helps hundreds of community groups use the district facilities every year. There are a number of spaces available for community usage outside the regular school day including auditoriums, cafeterias, classrooms, conference rooms, and gyms.

    • Myth: The building supervisor assigned to each group is responsible for cleaning and picking up after those groups.
      • This myth is FALSE.
      • Building supervisors are on site to make sure groups can access the building and enjoy the space safely. They may guide the groups in cleaning up after themselves, but the full cleanup is not their responsibility. The Facility Use team can assign a custodian to a group at an additional cost, if that is what the group prefers.
    • Myth: The WDMCS facilities are just like a convention center or theater. They can fulfill any event and technical request, with endless possibilities.
      • This myth is FALSE.
      • The Facility Use team takes pride in serving any event and groups that wants to use district facilities. They can fulfill many requests, but they are not a full-service rental facility. Our options to serve certain events and requests may be limited. Contact a member of the Facility Use team to find out more about your specific event and requests.