art_adventures_press_release_2015WDMCS Community Education’s Summer of Learning is offering Art Adventures for students entering grades 1–7.  Students will get creative while exploring a variety of materials, techniques and artists. The program is July 13–17 and is offered in the mornings, afternoons, or full days.

Students entering grades 1–3 have the opportunity to use a variety of art mediums and take inspiration from a multitude of famous artists. Each day, a new art adventure awaits the students, whether it is an underwater exploration, a “trip” to space, or a safari at the zoo. Students have the opportunity to create different projects, both 2-D and 3-D, in morning and afternoon sessions. This program is taught by Deb Flagg at Jordan Creek Elementary, 4105 Fuller Road, West Des Moines.

Students in grades 4–7 will get inspired by famous artists and their artwork. The class will start by looking at famous artists and studying their work. Then the students will use what they have learned to create artwork of their own. Students will have a chance to experiment with different types of media and work in different techniques for each lesson. Multiple projects will be created at each session, and students will explore 2-D projects in the morning session and 3-D projects in the afternoon session. This program is taught by Erica Jaramillo at Crossroads Park Elementary, 1050 50th St., West Des Moines.

Registration is still open and can be found here. Call (515) 633-5001 or click here  for more information.