ce_silver_cordWe invite all incoming ninth graders to participate in the Silver Cord program beginning the summer following eighth grade. The Silver Cord award is a graduation award available to WDMCS district seniors who volunteer a minimum of 50 hours for three or more non-profits during every year of high school. The Silver Cord year runs from June 1-May 31. The purpose of the Silver Cord program is to encourage volunteerism and allow students to experience the joy of giving back to the community. Volunteering can provide a constructive use of time, foster the exploration of career interests, support youth seeking employment and college admission, and gives new graduates the con­fidence to serve in leadership roles after high school.

Sign Up

  • Students and parents should read through the Silver Cord’s user manual that can be viewed here.
  • Students should complete the online form to set up a Silver Cord online account to sign up.
  • Please write down the user name and password, and use an email address that is checked regularly. We will use this email address to communicate throughout the duration of the four years.
  • Once the form has been submitted, an email will be sent with information on how to log in to the online account.
  • Students can then start submitting preapprovals if needed. Please read through the preapproval process before submitting a preapproval.
  • Students can start their service hours on June 1, 2015.

Parents Please Note: If you have had a student in the Silver Cord program in the past, the process and some of the guidelines have changed. Detailed information about participating in the Silver Cord program is provided on our website. Please take some time to review this information. This information includes: Program Process Program Guidelines Student Online User Manual Preapproved Activities– Students do not have to go through the preapproval process with these activities as they are already preapproved. Thank you for your interest in the Silver Cord program! Silver Cord Flyer