Sneak Peek and Safety Town are Summer of Learning programs for students starting kindergarten in the fall. They happen every year as a way to prepare students for attending school. Safety Town introduces students to safety awareness, and Sneak Peek lets them experience what a day of kindergarten will be like.

Myths about Sneak Peek

  • Myth: You can only register at your child’s home school.
    • This myth is FALSE.
    • There are Sneak Peek sessions at six different elementary schools, and they take place during two different weeks. Families are NOT restricted to their home schools. They can choose the site that works best for their schedules and locations. The 2015-16 Sneak Peek schedules is:
      • July 13-17: Crestview. Crossroads Park, or Westridge
      • July 20-24: Fairmeadows, Jordan Creek, or Western Hills
  • Myth: Out-of-district students can register for Sneak Peak.
    • This myth is TRUE.
    • Out-of-district students can register to participate, but registration begins on May 15. WDMCS students are given priority when registering, with their registration starting on April 20. Call 633-5001 for more information.

Myths about Safety Town

  • Myth: Safety Town participants can be any age.
    • This myth is FALSE.
    • Safety Town is a program intended for students entering kindergarten in the fall. It is intended to teach young students about fire and water safety, safety around strangers, transportation safety, and poison safety.
    • Older students are still involved in Safety Town, but only as volunteers. Any students finishing fifth- or sixth-grade this year can volunteer to work with the younger students.
  • Myth: Safety Town classes take place at different locations.
    • This myth is TRUE.
    • Safety Town students get to learn in many different educational environments. Most Safety Town classes will be in the Safety Town village, but classes will also include classroom activities and a field trip to the West Des Moines Police and Fire departments. Contact 633-5001 or see the Summer of Learning catalog for more information.