Instructor Tips: Kimberly Dunbar — Instagram for Beginners

InstagramToday’s Instructor Tips come from Kimberly Dunbar, an ESL teacher at Hillside Elementary and avid Instagram user. She has used the app for six years and learned what makes a great Instagram photo. Her LEARNwest class on Instagram is from 6:30–8:30 p.m. on Feb. 19.

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Five Tips for Exploring Instagram

  1. Use Instagram to share photos with family and friends. Let them know you have started using the app and what your handle is.
  2. Apply effects or filters on Instagram to easily edit your photos. It’s an easy way to make a photo look its best.
  3. Keep lighting in mind when taking photos. Effects and filters can only change a too-bright or too-dark photo so much.
  4. Make sure to use hashtags! It can be a fun way to describe your photos.
  5. Remember to follow people on Instagram too. You can find family members, friends, and even celebrities and businesses!

One bonus tip is to look for other apps that work with Instagram once you get familiar with using it. Certain apps let you put your Instagram photos into collages, “regram” other people’s photos, or even print photos you like so you can have a physical copy! To get a more in-depth instructional on Instagram, sign up for the Instagram workshop here.