written by Alexandra Wade

Brighter Beginnings is a West Des Moines Community Schools Community Education program that aims to make the world brighter for parents and children by providing fun early childhood family learning. Babies are born learning, and parents are their first, and most influential, teachers. Brighter Beginnings is designed to help parents find the most effective ways to teach and nurture their young children. Parents work with a professional parent educator and gain information on child development from birth through toddle years and have access to opportunities and events in the community for parents. To give people more information about Brighter Beginnings, just in time for Session II registration, we decided to cover the program for Mythbusting Monday.

  • Myth: Brighter Beginnings is a pre-school/daycare program.
    • This myth is FALSE.
    • Brighter Beginnings is a program for parents looking to expand their parenting skills. Classes are divided into time for educational parent/child activities and time for parents to discuss parenting topics with the other parents and a qualified parent educator. Quality childcare is provided during “parent time” so parents can fully focus on the topic discussion, but Brighter Beginnings is not a childcare program.
  • Myth: Registration is year-round.
    • This myth is FALSE.
    • Brighter Beginnings registration take place for each separate session of Brighter Beginnings. The first 2014–2015 session is currently taking place, but registration for Session II (Feb. 2–May 8) begins Dec. 15.
    • Registration cards can be found at the Brighter Beginnings page of the WDMCS Community Ed. website, or contact Sonja LeSher, Brighter Beginnings Coordinator, at (515) 633-5009.
  • Myth: Brighter Beginnings is for WDMCS district family’s only.
    • This myth is TRUE.
    • Brighter Beginnings is a program for families who live within West Des Moines Community School District boundaries. For more information, contact Sonja LeSher.

For more information about Brighter Beginnings, visit the WDMCS Community Education website!