written by Alexandra Wade

The cover for Steve Metzger's "Give Thanks for Each Day."

The cover for Steve Metzger’s “Give Thanks for Each Day.”

With Thanksgiving taking place later this week, we thought it would be a good time to recommend “Give Thanks for Each Day” by Steve Metzger. Metzger is a former teacher of young children and a bestselling children’s author who has penned “Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea,” “The Mixed-up Alphabet,” and the Dinofours series, among other books. “Give Thanks for Each Day” was written for preschool- and kindergarten-age children and is a great way to start a discussion about being thankful for the little things.

Metzger’s story is accompanied by colorful illustrations by Robert McPhillips, a children’s illustrator since 1994 and illustrator for the “Kingdom of Wrenly” series. The illustrations are warm, but playful, and will catch readers’ eyes.

Check out “Give Thanks for Each Day” with young readers as soon as possible to get them in the Thanksgiving spirit!