written by Alexandra Wade


The Facility Use team helps community members who are seeking accessible, convenient and affordable space to hold their activities. They schedule district spaces for community usage outside the regular school day. For our first Mythbusting Monday post, we decided to cover some common myths about facility use.

  • Myth: You Can Cancel An Event
    • This myth is TRUE—You CAN cancel an event if you need to.
    • We would actually prefer you cancel an event, instead of simply not showing up! Cancellations happen, and we understand that. Our cancellation policy is designed to give groups that have events scheduled some flexibility, but also holds them accountable for the space they reserved.
    • If a cancellation is needed, you can cancel with us two weeks out from your event date with no penalty. Within that two-week timeframe, a $20 cancellation fee will be assessed per date and per location that is cancelled. If a group just does not show up to a scheduled activity, the full fees will remain on their account. Our expectation is that those fees will be paid as if the space was used, so canceling is your best option if there is a conflict.
  • Myth: You Don’t Need Event Insurance
    • This myth is FALSE—You DO need event insurance for all facility use.
    • All facility use in any WDMCS facility requires you to provide proof of liability insurance holding the district harmless. If you do not have event insurance covering your group’s use of our space, you can purchase a policy through most providers. Your homeowner’s policies will also cover your use of public space in the liability portion of your policy. Your provider can answer any specific questions you may have.

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