Jump Start into the New School Year

Jump Start is a fun week designed to make students eager for school, while also easing them back into a learning routine. The days are filled with exciting learning opportunities that serve as themed reviews of skills and knowledge.

Each morning was spent refreshing students’ math, reading, and writing skills, while afternoons are dedicated to art, computers, PE, and science. Students could take part in the morning session, the afternoon session or both. The program wrapped up on Aug. 8.

Jump Start is dedicated to preparing students entering grades 1–5 for the upcoming year, but all students have a lot to look forward to in the 2014–2015 school year. From new school clothes and supplies, to meeting new friends, and learning new facts, a new school year always means new school fun.

Science Exploration is Awesome!

The week of July 28-August 1 students enjoyed Science Exploration offered through our Summer of Learning program.

Students entering grades first through third had the opportunity to “Blast off to Space” or go on a “Dinosaur Dig” during the morning sessions. The afternoon held a chance for students to participate in classes on “The Amazing Human Body” or “Electricity, Energy, and Power,” seen in the photos below.


Students that participated in “Electricity, Energy, and Power” learned all about safety, benefits of electricity and the impact it has on our lives.


The students used a hair dryer and a ping pong ball to demonstrate how electricity combined with the force of gravity and the force of air can be so much fun!


In the class, “The Amazing Human Body,” students learned about the different bones in our body!


Students are making skeletons out of different shaped noodles!

Summer Adventures in Learning

Students enjoyed the Summer of Learning program, S.A.I.L., at Westridge Elementary this summer where they are involved in a broad spectrum of activities ranging from art projects and Lego creations, to chess lessons and computer skills!


Students get to interact with one another while learning basic chess strategies.


“I like playing chess with everybody, and learning new moves.”
~ 4th grader at Jordan Creek Elementary

Technology Fun taught by Mrs. Jones

Students are exploring programs during Ms. Jones’s class Technology Fun where they are experiencing how to use computers with many different subjects.


Students are making cards, calendars, and posters
with Microsoft Publisher

Games, Games! taught by Ms. Young

Get the chance to play some of your favorite sports games, board games, and card games as well as learn new games in this fun filled class Games, Games! Taught by Ms. Young, children are seen learning the rules and having fun while playing a game of Yahtzee!


Games! Games! and more Games!