checkingBefore an airplane takes off, the pilot runs through a checklist to make sure everything is ready. Even pilots who have flown thousands of flights still go through their checklist every time they fly.

Your teen can develop his own checklists to make sure he has what he needs:

  • In the morning. What do I need for school? Book bag, homework, lunch, gym shoes, a signed note.
  • Before class. What do I need for my first class? Textbook, homework, pencil, paper.
  • In class. What is the assignment for tomorrow? Do I understand it? Are there long-term projects? When are they due?
  • Before leaving school. What books do I need to bring home for homework? Check assignment sheet.
  • At home. What are the most important projects? What is my study schedule?
  • Before bed. What do I need for school tomorrow? Place all items by the door.

Reprinted with permission from the October 2013 issue of Parents Still make the difference!® (High School Edition) newsletter. Copyright © 2013 The Parent Institute®, a division of NIS, Inc.