Written by Shahna Janssen, Director of Community Education

back_to_schoolI have run into many WDMCS families this summer and when I’ve asked how their summer is going, I’ve always heard the same answer, “Fast!”  And  I couldn’t agree more!  Then, when I asked my kids if they were ready for school to start again, I got an enthusiastic, “Yes!”  I really wasn’t expecting that, but it was very good to hear. It reminded me of how fortunate we are to be part of the West Des Moines Community School District.  We have great schools, outstanding teachers, and strong and capable leaders.  All of that has translated into a wonderful school experience for my two kids and thousands of others students. I’m excited by the learning and growth I’ve seen in them each year, and apparently they are too.  I hope that your school year gets off to a fantastic start!