written by Jess Lieb, Youth Programmer

ced_safety_townSafety Town is celebrating its 38th year in West Des Moines! The program has been teaching pre-kindergarteners about safety since 1975 and we are hearing from more and more parents that they took Safety Town when they were little!

Though the world has changed a lot in the last thirty-eight years, Safety Town is continuing to evolve and offer up-to-date safety awareness information and preventative practices to young children. This year we’ve teamed with the Hannah Geneser Foundation to offer information about window safety, and we will continue to cover safety around strangers, fire, water, buses, traffic, and poison. Children will also have an opportunity to learn through experiences in the Safety Town village, a field trip to the West Des Moines Police and Fire Departments, and various classroom activities.

Sign your child up today and carry on the Safety Town tradition!