Written by Shahna Janssen, Director of Community Education

I always thought of myself as a really good student. I was well behaved (most of the time), took my assignments seriously, and got good grades.  But in hindsight, I also completely missed the point!

I missed the point because my goal as a student was to get an A, but it was never actually about learning.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really value learning, or learn how to learn until I was an adult, and until I stopped getting grades.

Today I’m energized by the learning process,  and I am blessed to be part of a learning organization. My role as the Director of Community Education gives me the opportunity to learn about many amazing things in our community and to learn from equally amazing people in WDMCS and our community at-large. I’m looking forward to sharing glimpses of that learning through this blog. While I regret that I  didn’t value learning earlier in my life, I’ve LEARNED that it is better late than never!