Facility Use

We have a number of spaces available for community usage outside the regular school day including: auditoriums, cafeterias, classrooms, conference rooms, and gyms. These facilities can be used by community members who are seeking accessible, convenient, and affordable space to hold their activities. Meet our Facticity Use Team who will be happy to help you schedule and coordinate your reservation.

Nate Lingren, Facilities Use Coordinator, 8 months

comed_staff_nate_lingrenAs a school district, all of our schools are publicly funded through the community that supports it.  It is the Facility Use department’s responsibility to make these facilities open to the public for use and appreciation. Community members can rent gyms, auditoriums, cafeterias, conference rooms, and other spaces through us.

The best part of my role is: giving youth the chance to participate in many different activities at familiar facilities; giving adults the chance to continue both education and physical fitness; and getting the opportunity to meet so many different members of the community.

Adaptability is my favorite strength. Being a source of “opportunity” for your community means you have to realize trends, needs, and alternatives.

I enjoy family time with my daughter and wife, and attend many Cyclone games. I also enjoy motorcycle riding, slow pitch softball, golf, hunting, and fishing.

Rebecca Harless, Facilities Scheduler, 14 years

comed_staff_rebecca_harlessI schedule meetings, building usage for scouting groups, and I make sure buildings have adequate staffing for evening usage.

My favorite part of my job is making the facility usage process run smoothly and effectively. I find satisfaction in helping the schools to be open for community usage and many different types of activities with affordable prices, clean facilities, and helpful staff.

Respect is my favorite Community Education value.

When I am not scheduling facilities I like to read, workout, and dance.

Jim Wallace, Facilities Scheduler, 21 years

comed_staff_jim_wallaceI schedule facilities in the WDMCS district and mainly focus on scheduling gyms. The most rewarding part of my job is finding a room or gym for someone that has had no luck finding a space before they contacted me.

My background is in computer repair: first repairing them, managing the computer repair technicians, and then financial management.

My favorite thing to ask people is, “Do you like chocolate?” because I am not allowed to eat it.