The Faces of the Kids West Office

Kids West provides safe, affordable, and convenient before-and-after school care for WDMCS children in grades K-6. At Kids West, kids can play, create crafts, learn new team games, and make friends across all ages.

Amy Dvorak, Program Supervisor, 23 years

I hire, support, and supervise the staff that take care of the children in the Kids West program. My favorite part of my job is the overall support we give to families. I enjoy hearing that parents go to pick up their kids and they don’t want to go home. I love knowing that our staff build trusting relationships with our families and that they are able to see some children grow up through seven years of their lives.

Of the Community Education values people focus is what we are all about, serving and supporting people in the community to live their lives in a more fulfilling way.

When I am not working at Kids West I enjoy spending time with my family, it is the most important thing to me. Just being with them – most of the time doing nothing special, but making sure they know that they matter most to me.

KJ Yaeger, Program Coordinator, 22 years

Well, I’m not really sure the public should know too much about my job – most of it is top secret information. What I can say is that I set up field trips, order supplies, and keep track of expenses for Kids West. My favorite part of work is spending time out at the sites with the kids and coming up with fun events for them.

FUN is the most important Community Education value. Life is too short not to have fun 🙂

When I am not out at the Kids West sites I enjoy hanging out with my kids and my husband. I also love to garden in the spring and summer.

Kris Gardner, Program Assistant, 19 years

I process all of the registrations, attendance, and financial assistance for Kids West. I also handle parent correspondence. I like to help new families register, and I like helping our Kids West staff keep our children safe and happy with accurate attendance records. The staff are better able to care for the children because they know when to expect them. My favorite value is fun! I like to come to work each day, and I love the group of people I work with! They are a fun-loving, friendly group! When I am not registering new families for Kids West I like to spend time with my family. I also like to sew, knit and crochet.

Keri Remsburg, Account Clerk, 10 months

I process the payments for Kids West, and help parents with questions regarding the program or their payment status.

I enjoy having conversations and getting to know the parents on the phone or in person. I enjoy the environment I work in, with great people who have a strong passion for helping people in our community.

I believe the most important value that Community Education represents is, working together as a team to build relationships with customers and help serve the community in the most effective way possible, with positive results. The Community Education team is strongly compassionate about helping others in the community and provides many services for a variety of needs.

I love to spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy time with my kids and attending their sporting activities. I also love to exercise, shop, and watch movies.

I grew up in West Des Moines and attended Stilwell Junior High and Valley High School. I have two kids, who attend Westridge Elementary. Prior to WDMCS Community Education, I worked as a Special Ed associate at Jordan Creek Elementary.