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Student Online System User Manual

Process Overview

  1. Student signs up and acquires an online account by filling out the online form. Once the account is created, the student can log in and start using the system immediately. The account is good for all four years of the program.
  2. Student will log in to the application and be able to view their dashboard, update their profile, enter preapprovals, and submit hours for credit.
  3. Student views the preapproved service opportunity webpage to select a service opportunity. If student is interested in a service opportunity that is not listed on the preapproved or past preapproved web page, then student requests a preapproval before they participate in the service opportunity. This step is required for every service opportunity that is not already preapproved. Student will not be able to submit their hours for credit if the service opportunity is not preapproved.
  4. Student participates in the service opportunity. At the end of their service, student acquires the site supervisor’s name, email address, and phone number.
  5. Student submits hours for credit using the online system within 30 days from the last date of service. Once the form is submitted, an automatically generated email is sent to the site supervisor. The status of the student’s service opportunity is marked pending in the system.
  6. Site supervisor approves or denies the student’s request via the online form that is included in the email they receive. They have the option to leave comments.
  7. Silver Cord Coordinator reviews the submission for credit and approves or denies and has the option to leave comments. If submission is denied, student has the option to resubmit with corrected or updated information. It is each student’s responsibility to check their online account to view important account information, including messages from the Silver Cord Coordinator.
  8. The system automatically updates student’s hours.

Contact Information

Cyndi Bonus

Silver Cord Coordinator
Valley High School
3650 Woodland Avenue
West Des Moines, IA 50266