Payment Due Dates

Kids West services are on a prepay basis. Payments are due on Monday, one week in advance of the week your child will attend (i.e. payment for the week of Aug. 22 is due Monday, Aug. 15).

Full-Day Care Payment

When a week includes a full-day care day, you must include an additional fee in your weekly payment (if your child is planning to attend). Fees for full-day care are not refundable. If your payment is late or incorrect, your child may not be eligible for full-day care.

Payment Schedule Form

These forms are a very important means of communication between you and the Kids West office and are used for the following:

  • To prepare weekly sign-in/out sheets for each Kids West site. Each week, we update or confirm your child’s schedule, based on your payment schedule form. To ensure your child’s safety, the staff needs to know whether to expect your child. If you know that your payment will be late, please call the Kids West office to update your child’s schedule.
  • To determine the weekly count for each site. This count is used for ordering food and craft items and scheduling staff to meet proper staff-children ratios and district and state guidelines for bus seating limits on field trips.
  • To record payments made. The payment-schedule forms ensure proper credit to your account.

Please complete and include the form with each payment. Forms are available at the Kids West office and at each Kids West site. If you do not have a form, please include a note with your payment indicating your child’s name, site, amount paid, and weekly schedule.

Completing the Form

To complete the form, mark with an “X” the mornings and/or afternoons your child will attend Kids West. Count the number of times scheduled and refer to the weekly fee schedule for your rate. Two children may be included on the same form if they have similar schedules. Each week is considered Monday through Friday and is counted and totaled separately. You may pay for as many weeks in advance as you wish. Please keep the gold copy of your form as a record of payments made and a reminder of your next payment due date.

Method of Payment

Payments may be dropped off at your Kids West site on Monday mornings between 6:30 and 8:40 a.m. Payments will be brought to the Kids West office immediately following care on Monday mornings. Payments WILL NOT be accepted at the sites at any other time during the week. Payments may still be mailed, brought in person to the Learning Resource Center, or dropped off in the after-hours drop slot.

Online Payments

Enjoy the convenience and security of paying online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please note Monday due dates.

Make an Online Payment

Cannot Make a Payment

If you cannot make a payment, call 515-633-5019. Payment plans and financial assistance may be available (see Financial Assistance). However, the ultimate responsibility for payment lies with the parent or guardian. Failure to make payment may result in termination of child care services.

Contact Information

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Kids West Program Assistant
Learning Resource Center
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Keri Remsburg

Kids West Accounting Clerk
Learning Resource Center
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