an opportunity for everyone
Our community is defined by the WDMCS district boundaries, including over 55,000 residents in West Des Moines, Clive, Urbandale, Windsor Heights, and nearby rural areas. We have played a vital role in the community for the past 40 years, responding to the evolving needs of our citizens. We are proud to offer something for everyone!

Community Programs

Early Childhood

instilling a love of learning early on

“My children are my whole life and to know that they were made better through the efforts of so many others, humbles me every day. This community has been so good to us.” ~Laura Thomas, Parent

Laura Thomas is just one parent who we have been able to help over the last 30 years. We believe that instilling the love of learning at an early age is an important gift we can give to our future generations.

Programs for Early Childhood


Youth Programs


WDMCS Community Education serves the needs of our adult population by offering ongoing learning opportunities. A time for adults to explore and try new things.

Programs for Adults


Seniors Programs

An opportunity for everyone

WDMCS Community Education is the outreach department of the WDMCS. We provide opportunities for learning, service, and fun to people of all ages. We look to serve the needs of our community by connecting people, ideas, and resources.